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5 things airports can learn from Bangkok International Airport

Last May we spend a month in Thailand and we had a great time travelling this beautiful country. In a separate post we will share our adventures because this post is about Bangkok International Airport. An airport?? Yes an airport!  This airport is such a breath of fresh air for every traveler and the proof that airports can be a lot friendlier that it deserves a separate post. We have made a simple top 5 why we believe Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is making the difference in air travel:

1. Mobile phone cards available at the airport exit
Something you would expect at every international airport these days: mobile phone cards especially for tourists. Buy an anonymous sim card for thirty days for any device. Choose if you want data, texting or calling from a couple of simple packages. Hand over your device and they will do the rest. Pay and go online! We only paid 20 euros for 5 gigabytes of data valid for thirty days, after the 5 gigs the speed is lowered but your connection remains. Really a great example that we have not seen at other airports in Amsterdam, Mumbai, New Delhi, Mexico City or Cancun. The best thing of all: people can start sharing all the cool memories they are making immediately with their friends and family and are promoting your country / city for free!

2. Fastest check-in ever
In under 25 minutes we went from entering the airport to passing customs. A record that so much faster than any other airport we ever used. The lines at the checkin desk were managed smartly and efficient. After that passing border control and customs (even with an expired visa because we overstayed one day) was very simple and very fast. There was no fine for our overstay, just smiles and a kind request to keep an eye on this in the future. A delight to spend your time doing your things instead of waiting in line everywhere.

3. Super friendly
People smiled and were super friendly everywhere! From checkin to customs and the restaurants, everywhere people were friendly and ensuring a save and comfortable passage of the airport. Although one would think this should be the standard at every airport, this is not the case. Often employees are impolite, ignorant and plain grumpy. What a delight we found in Bangkok.

4. Great, cheap, fast and simple train connection to the city
After the mobile phone cards this was probably the best surprise. From the airport there is a fast and airconditioned train that takes you to downtown Bangkok in under 20 minutes for almost nothing. Simply take the smart moving stairs down and buy a token for the train and get on. And because you already bought your mobile phone card, a perfect moment to let your loved ones know you arrived safely.

5. Smart airport design
Passing through this airport is so much better than any other airports. The way it has been designed one can feel they had the traveler in mind. Moving stairs, smartly located elevators, fast queues, fast checkins, free wifi, the train connection, the good food, comfortable chairs, everything is well thought of! Because of this smart design your holiday or travel begins or ends so much more comfortable. Thank you Bangkok Airport for going that extra mile. You are an example for other airports!