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discover yoga

In february 2014 we started a journey into the beautiful world of yoga. Long had we been looking for a way to get acquainted with this ancient lifestyle and its many myths and secrets to living happy and healthy lives. We always trusted that we would cross it on our journey but the way it eventually happened is quite extraordinary.

During the last week on our favorite island, Isla Holbox, we we making plans for the months to come. We both felt that we were up for an adventure of some kind. Our time in Mexico had been very special but we were ready for something a little bigger. While talking over these plans in our favorite hotel with nice chairs, good wifi and awesome view, we were asked to move by the hotel manager. Something with yoga was about to happen for the coming ten days on ‘our’ favorite office! a few hours later, we met with the yoga instructors (check by chance and we had a connection straight away. Turns out they were teaching yoga and training yoga teachers since 2005 all over the world and they had a bad looking website and not that many photo’s. Our lifestyles and visions of the world overlapped and quite quickly we got into talking business. We wanted to learn yoga and see a new part of the world, they needed a new website and a photographer -> we flew to India with them for four weeks of an intense yoga course!

In India we learned almost everything about the yoga style they were teaching: Ashtanga Vinyasa. One of the most intense and powerful styles of yoga. Not only did we practice every other day with the entire group, we also attended lectures about the history, philosophy and theory behind yoga.

Since then Diana is practicing every week a couple of times and Steven is using yoga more as an additional stretching exercise for both his body and his mind added to his regular running, swimming and cycling program. Yoga has both enriched us in many ways and our path has definitely not ended. We ar elooking forward to discovering more about the world of yoga, meditation and spirituality.