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go volunteer

An important part of travel is that you encounter different countries, cultures and people that often have a lot less than you do. We are fortunate to have lived in Holland, a wealthy country where things like poverty, crime and homelessness almost do not exist. We have decided that part of our journey should be focussed on giving back. This means that when we have the chance to contribute by volunteering in certain places or projects we love to do this.

Find ways to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

During the first part of our trip we have volunteered in various projects. We have built houses in a community in Oaxaca, Mexico and helped an orphanage in Ocozocoautla with new computers and internet training. Two completely different projects that were fulfilling and rewarding. In 2013 we built several websites for free or in exchange to help businesses of local entrepreneurs, like a website for an outdoor sports and mtb rental shop in San Cristobal de las Casas and a website for a Dutch barefoot runner who cleans trash from the streets.

Trail of awesomeness

We have been on the road since 2011 and we are always looking to contribute to projects, either for free or in exchange. On the blog we have a category ‘trail of awesomeness‘ that is a collection of projects we worked on because we wanted to leave something positive behind after we continue our travels.