Digital Nomadz

lifestyle design

Ever since we started traveling and working remotely in 2012, we received so many questions from people who wanted to know how we did it: how did you escape the 9-to-5? do you think I can do that as well with the skills and talents that I have? how did you prepare for your non-stop travel lifestyle? how much money do you need? how do you make a living while you travel? and so on, and so on. We started emailing back and sooner than later, it became too much to handle. We decided to start a blog about lifestyle design and full-time travel, about escaping the regular path that is paved for us, about taking a risk and trusting your talents.

Now, four years later, this blog is a company that we run remotely, without offices, without fixed working hours, and with a lot of people who are designing a life on their own terms with the help of our training programs. Not all of them dream of traveling, but there is no one who wants to be in a job they hate, doing unfulfilling work or be stuck without a job of any kind. We believe that anyone has a gift that is waiting to be shared with the world. In our programs we help people identify what that is and help them create value with it for others. We have designed (online) training programs that contain all the knowledge, insights, tips and tricks that we have used ourselves to prepare for our journey off the corporate ladder, to start our remote companies and to develop the mindset you need to be on your own, live in freedom and operate successfully as a digital nomad.

You can find our lifestyle design company here. It is a Dutch website. If you have any questions about this, the programs or working with us on something you love? Don’t hesitate to contact us!