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be a travelling triathlete

Triathlon: Important part of our digital nomad lifestyle is to be fit, both mentally and physically. Training and participating in triathlon events during our travels is something we both love to do. Steven coming from an athletics background (400m) and Diana from mountain biking. Central America is a paradise for those who like to run trail or on the road, swim in open water and bike incredible singletrails. We look for triathlon events on the route we travel or in The Netherlands when we spend time at home.

Learn to swim (in open water)

One of the skills that is new to us both, when we start our triathlon adventure is swimming. Quite a technical sport that requires training and development of new skills. We have been training with different coaches, merely in Mexico to learn how to swim stroke, develop technique and speed. Swimming in open water is quite a challenge and something we both love to do. We are often traveling in the vicinity of open ocean or lakes and if we are in a big city we grab the opportunity to swim in 25 or 50 meter pools. One of the criteria for selecting a city to camp in, is the presence of a pool… 😉

Triathlon events

The first event Steven participated in was the 5k swim across Acapulco Bay in 2012 named Maratón Guadalupano. Steven won an aquathlon in Tuxtla Gutierrez and the first triathlon we both participated in was the 1/8 triathlon in Enschede during the Enschede Triathlon of 2013. In 2016, Steven participates in his first 70.3 Ironman triathlon in Aix en Provence, France.


We currently train independently of a training location or club. The past years we have trained with Escuela de Natación de la Universidad Americana de Acapulco for several weeks in 2012. In San Cristobal de las Casas we trained with Sergio from swim club Los Penguinos for several months in 2013 at Club Deportivo San Cristobal. In Mexico City we had the honor to train twice with the national triathlon selection in 2013 at the Alberca Olímpica Francisco Márquez. As of September 2014 we will be training in the pool in Playa del Carmen and the ocean at Tulum.

We write about our training, training locations and the road to triathlon events we participate in during our travels. Training while traveling is easier than you think! Click here for all the blogs about this topic. Enjoy the read!