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Back in Mexico and our family is growing

Since a couple of weeks we are back in Mexico for another nine months of Digital Nomad fun. This time we will probably be traveling a little bit less than last year. The trip we made last winter was a tough but beautiful one and with an unexpected outcome: we will be having a new baby (boy) this november. Our first child, Isa, was born in Mexico and we loved being here just with the two (and then three) of us.

We have decided to give the baby that is coming the same start. So for now we have moved out of the bus and into a nice apartment in Playa del Carmen. Here we will prepare for the new life that will be joining us while enjoying Isa’s presence to the fullest. Playa del Carmen offers a unique mix of Mexican culture, western style shops and restaurant and great opportunities to work, relax and exercise. So we won’t be bored:). Another reason for us to choose Playa del Carmen is the presence of good prenatal care and hospital care (in case we might need it during pregnancy and birth).

MariachiMeanwhile our daughter adapts quickly to being back in Mexico. She loves the music, she loves to dance and swimming is her favorite thing to do. She is developing into a beautiful, curious and active little girl always looking for something to climb. After taking care of her ourselves full-time for almost two years, she seems ready to go and experience new things. So since mid september 2017 she goes to a small Spanish/ English spoken Waldorf preschool for a few hours a day right at the corner of our street. Her Spanish develops rapidly now! Her vocabulary in Spanish is now about (I guess) 40 words or so (at 22 months of age), no sentences yet. For sure she knows more Dutch than Spanish words still but let’s see how that will go the next few months! We are curious to see how she likes it and we will keep you posted here!