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Nina on the beach

Beaches, bikes and a bus in Tulum!

An hour south of the two ‘gringo’ cities Cancun and Playa del Carmen you’ll find a place that offers an entirely different experience: Tulum. A small village on the big road south towards the border of Mexico and Belize. It is a small village with many secrets and a lot to offer. It holds beautiful beaches, old and rusty bikes and since a couple of weeks also a very old bus with two Digital Nomadz.

We have been in Tulum for almost two months now and we are having a great time! We are here to help out our dear friend Chris open up a new eco-hotel in the jungle close to Tulum. During the summer he shared with us his plans and asked us if we wanted to be part of his dream. It took us little time to say HELL YES and so here we are! As with everything in Mexico, our plans developed a little different than planned but we are loving our life in Tulum so far. We have started the online projects for Chris and his hotel, we have met a lot of new people, discovered many cool new places, swam in beautiful crystal clear water and we are training almost daily for our next triathlon.

So the coming months we will be writing from, and mostly about, Tulum. So for our fellow travelers out there, let us share a couple of our favourite places in Tulum so far (skip down to the pictures if you are not interested;)):

Babel (coffee)
A small and simple coffee place with good, hot and strong coffees. Whether you pick an americano or an espresso, they will both ensure you get your daily dose of caffein:) They also serve delicious bagels, juices and shakes. A great stop when you are in town and want to catch your breath or start your day properly.

A newly opened bar by two great new friends. We already spent many nights enjoying their delicious cocktails, prepared beers and nice ambiance. Check the link to find out where they are in Tulum. Their prices are very good and the bartenders are passionate about what they do!

The best service in Tulum. We have been surprised by the friendliness of both the waiters and the owner every time. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. The total experience however is completely worth it. Enjoy a nice Mexican dish prepared with an eye for european stomachs:) Highly recommended

Pan Comido
We are spoiled dutch bread lovers so everywhere we go we need bread, delicious bread, And in Tulum we have found it at Pan Comido. The best sandwiches we have had in a long time in Mexico. A little pricy but completely worth it. We go here at least once a week to spoil ourselves :)

Bar Batey
The hangout for local creatives and tourists. Well priced beers and even better atmosphere. Live music, movie nights and delicious snacks make this place a must visit in Tulum. Expect a small and packed hipster bar with always room for a few more. People are dressed in a fashionable beach style with a touch of chique. We love to just sit here and enjoy all the unique characters.

Xe-ek Salad bar
If you are looking for healthy and delicious food, this is where you should go. Xe-ek has a salad bar where you can customise your own salad. Especially sharing a big salad is a very cheap alternative for the ‘cocina economicas’ and get your daily dose of vitamins. Find them at the entrance of the village across the Scotiabank.

This was out short update for now. check the pictures below for an even better image of Tulum. Let us know if this was helpful or if you have any questions!