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Roadtrip in old VW with a baby

A road trip with a baby in a vintage VW van: in 3 months from Mexico to Costa Rica. ‘You are going to do what?! With a baby? But…? And..? Uhm….?‘ Yeah, the same kind of questions have crossed our minds when thinking of this plan. There are a lot of buts, maybes and uhms to think of and sometimes it makes us nervous too.. However those are just the kind of questions and challenges we love[…]

Back in Mexico and our family is growing

Since a couple of weeks we are back in Mexico for another nine months of Digital Nomad fun. This time we will probably be traveling a little bit less than last year. The trip we made last winter was a tough but beautiful one and with an unexpected outcome: we will be having a new baby (boy) this november. Our first child, Isa, was born in Mexico and we loved being here just with the[…]


We have been cruising through Mexico and Guatemala the last few weeks, two countries we know quite well but we had a lot of fun doing it with two VW busses and our cameras. Tomorrow we are finally ready to head into unexplored territory: El Salvador. We are now relaxing in a small hotel at the border between Guatemala and El Salvador en tomorrow morning we will cross into El Salvador. We are very curious[…]

Two months in Playa del Carmen: our top 6

We have been in Playa del Carmen for the last two months and we have really come to love this city. It is 100% Mexican but with a lot of foreign influences. If you ignore the fact that the cash machines sometimes spit dollars and look away from the Quinta avenida (5th avenue), you will find that it is has a lot to offer. From nice places to work to hidden places in the beach[…]

We are going to make a documentary and it’s called: Behind The Horizon

Together with Diana and our recently born daughter we have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for almost five years and we are about to do something crazy: together with two young and aspiring filmmakers we are going to make a documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle, living and working independently and our goal to create new stories about work, time, money and stuff. The movie is called Behind The Horizon. We are shooting this[…]

We are back in Mexico

WE ARE BACK IN MEXICO Since a week we are back in Mexico:) We have been enjoying good times with friends and family in Holland for almost seven months but it was time to get on the road again:) We are staying in Playa del Carmen in a very nice appartement called Lilas del Mar. It is close to the ‘Quinta’, the infamous shopping street of Playa but more importantly, it has very good wifi[…]


Over the last six months, Steven has been training very hard for his first serious triathlon, a 70.3 Ironman in Aix en Provence, France. Two weeks ago his moment had finally arrived. All the training, the preparation, the planning, the traveling and the dreaming it would finally become a reality. At 4.45 AM he opened his door to get in the car to drive to the start. But the wind was so strong it almost[…]

We are having a lot of fun in Holland

We have been in Holland for almost two months now and we are having a great time! One of the great things of traveling is coming home (albeit only for a few months). All the stuff that is so typically Dutch and makes us feel right at home like the food, the weather and our dear friends and family are always a true gift after being away for a long time. But also new things[…]


It has been almost three weeks since our little Isa was born and we have enjoyed every second of it! Both our parents have been here, Stevens brother with girlfriend and also Stevens Uncle. We felt so warm to have them here around us (and could really use a pair of extra hands;)) Isa is doing great, she is growing steadily. As you can see in the pictures we weighed her on a very accurate[…]

Welcome to the world little Isa Mae

Hoi lieve vrienden van Digital Nomadz, ik ben Isa Mae, roepnaam Isa. Ik ben afgelopen vrijdag 6 November geboren in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Ik ben in week 39 van de zwangerschap geboren met een (spoed) keizersnede. Mama en ik maken het goed. Op het moment weeg ik nog maar 2,4 kilo maar ik eet als een Zwerink Xx Dear friends of Digital Nomadz, my name is Isa Mae, but you can call me Isa.[…]