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We are in Belize

With almost the same pain in our hearts when we left Holland three years ago we now have left our beloved Mexico. The border crossing was very smooth. No problems at all and we even got to keep a bottle of Tequila because the customs agent said ‘how that shit from mexico was tha bomb’smile emoticon We are now in Corozal, chilling and getting used to the fact that we gave actually left. Something we[…]


Setting up camp (video)

A short video that shows how we setup our camp when we arrive on a new location. This video was shot in Chetumal at Yax-Ha Trailer park, a magical place right at the ocean front:)


Living the digital nomad lifestyle: getting out of your comfort zone

Are you looking for a new lifestyle? Want to live like a digital nomad? Then this post is written for you! In our three years living like digital nomads we have learnt a lot about how to create a new lifestyle for yourself and we are eager to share this with aspiring digital nomads:) Living like a digital nomad sounds thrilling and most of the times this lifestyle really is. However, to experience the thrilling part,[…]


Quit your job, start your life (video)

Steven made a small video to inspire those looking for a different lifestyle to look further! The video is titled ‘Quit your job, start your life’. His goal is not to have everybody quit their jobs, just the persons who feel something is missing and are looking for a way to take control over their life (again). If you are such a person, know that you are not alone. If you have any questions or[…]


Three weeks of Startup Weekends in Mexico

I (Steven) love coaching and mentoring starting companies or ‘startups’. Whether I can help with marketing  and communication, creating a great pitch, the formulation of a viable value model or just presentations and videos to help spread the word, I just get excited about people trying new things and turning that into a project / company. And I was really afraid that this one of the things I had to give up for our traveling[…]


Three years living as digital nomads, ten lessons for life

Today we are celebrating three years of our digital nomads lifestyle. We left Holland on december sixth in 2011 not knowing what this life would bring us. Now, looking back already three years later, we have learned so much and so many things have happened that we could not have anticipated (see picture above with our hiking boots on like as if we were going to walk to Argentina).  We have written a post with a[…]


Finding a VW mechanic in Yucatan

You probably have seen the picture on the homepage of us with our bus on the beach. This is probably the most expensive picture we took in years. Not because it was so hard to take but because we took the bus to this tropical island (Isla Holbox) in order to take it. The one thing we did not anticipate was that she had to stay on the island for almost a year because she[…]

Nina on the beach, Tulum, Mexico

Beaches, bikes and a bus in Tulum!

An hour south of the two ‘gringo’ cities Cancun and Playa del Carmen you’ll find a place that offers an entirely different experience: Tulum. A small village on the big road south towards the border of Mexico and Belize. It is a small village with many secrets and a lot to offer. It holds beautiful beaches, old and rusty bikes and since a couple of weeks also a very old bus with two Digital Nomadz. We[…]


5 things airports can learn from Bangkok International Airport

Last May we spend a month in Thailand and we had a great time travelling this beautiful country. In a separate post we will share our adventures because this post is about Bangkok International Airport. An airport?? Yes an airport!  This airport is such a breath of fresh air for every traveler and the proof that airports can be a lot friendlier that it deserves a separate post. We have made a simple top 5[…]