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Big reunion

Spending our summer at home

After being on the road for over 2,5 years we felt it was time to spend the summer months at home with our friends and family in the Netherlands. And boy have we missed Holland! It felt so good to be back in the country where we grew up and see all those familiar faces again. We had a lot of great parties and reunions, organised some workshops and presentations and made some websites for[…]


Tips for female travelers in India, What to wear

What to wear in India for female travelers? If you are traveling to India soon and you wonder what to wear during your trip, this is the post for you. I have traveled in India for a period of two months between March and May 2014. Before going to India I conducted a bit of research on what was considered appropriate to wear. I had heard in the news of stories of foreign women getting[…]


We are going to Goa, India!!

Whoooohooo! We are going to India! After a little more than two years in Central America it is time for a change of scenery and a new adventure. Two weeks ago we have met an awesome couple called The Yoga People. How we know they are awesome? They have over 82.000 fans on their Facebook page and we already worked with them on Isla Holbox. They excel in teaching yoga to students who want to become[…]


Top 10 things to do on beautiful Isla Holbox

‘I want to go back to the beach’ is what Diana said last year in March after we had been living in San Cristobal de las Casas for seven months. So we decided to go back to the beautiful island that stole our hearts back in december 2011 when we started this lifestyle: Isla Holbox. Now, after almost ten months on this beautiful island we surely enjoyed that beach! Steven ran his first marathon, Diana[…]


Trash Run Isla Holbox

Inspired by the dutch barefoot runner, and great friend, Anne van Dalen who is running through Holland and cleaning trash while doing so we decided to do the same. Sanne, Diana and Steven decided to do the on the island where we were staying during our training program for Working The Wonder Years: Isla Holbox. How do your talents fit in to make a better world? Well, like this!


‘About genes, what is normal and adapting to survive’ a tale by Stevens father Gerard

Last week Stevens father Gerard visited us in Mexico. He spend an entire week with us on beautiful Isla Holbox. Being curious by nature, he just wanted to come and see (and feel) how we have been living our lives since we left Holland in 2011. This is what he found: ‘Evolutionary change is driven by accidental mutation of the genes and environmental alteration. In most cases the outcome is neutral or even desastrous. Sometimes[…]

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 18.37.38

Steven ran his (and the) first marathon on Isla Holbox!

Ever since Steven was six years old, he has been running. He was always the Forrest Gump of the family. One of his big dreams was to run a marathon one day. Because we have been travelling for the last two years, training for a marathon was difficult. Especially if you want to pick a marathon that is organised somewhere along our route. It is fairly easy to dismiss your dreams because you think you[…]


Challenges for the remote worker or Digital Nomad (and how to deal with them)

The Digital Nomad lifestyle sounds pretty appealing to a lot of people. And yes, living on the most beautiful places on earth and working while traveling the world most of the time is like living a dream. But of course there are times when circumstances are challenging. It can be the time difference, the temperature, the rain, the mosquitos or malfunctioning equipment. In this post we will talk with some of these challenges and share[…]