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We are going to make a documentary and it’s called: Behind The Horizon

Together with Diana and our recently born daughter we have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for almost five years and we are about to do something crazy: together with two young and aspiring filmmakers we are going to make a documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle, living and working independently and our goal to create new stories about work, time, money and stuff. The movie is called Behind The Horizon. We are shooting this[…]


‘Keeping our engine rolling’ or ‘How do we pay for our digital nomad lifestyle?’

After more than three years living like digital nomads we thought it would be nice to share with you how we are actually ‘paying’ for this lifestyle. We write ‘paying’ because often there is no money involved in deals we make with our customers. We almost trade more than we invoice. Over the course of the last three years we have become skilled hustlers and we have traded our skills for almost anything. First we[…]


Three weeks of Startup Weekends in Mexico

I (Steven) love coaching and mentoring starting companies or ‘startups’. Whether I can help with marketing  and communication, creating a great pitch, the formulation of a viable value model or just presentations and videos to help spread the word, I just get excited about people trying new things and turning that into a project / company. And I was really afraid that this one of the things I had to give up for our traveling[…]


6 simple steps to make money while you are traveling

A lot of people have asked us about how we are making money while we are travelling. And our answer always was: we don’t know yet, it is one big experiment and we are still learning whether it is luck or our talents that bring us our jobs. Of course we had some ideas but we wanted to have tested our own ideas thoroughly before sharing them here with you. Today, after almost 20 months[…]


Introducing the end of 9-5: Working Wonderfully

The end of the 9-5 focus on productivity During our first fifteen months living like digital nomadz one of the things that struck us is that, after college graduation, we’re only allowed a couple years of ‘experimental wiggle room’. And when those years are over we’re supposed to semi-permanently stay put. We’re supposed to stop vagabonding through life. We’re supposed to sit down and shut up. In this day and age, staying put in one’s[…]


Meet one of the best sports physicians in the Netherlands and her new website!

One of our good friends, Petra Groenenboom, is a great sports physician that provides top notch medical care and guidance to (top) athletes in the Netherlands. She was looking for a fresh and professional website that would be easy to use and maintain and would help new clients find her online and book appointments in her medical practice. We created for her this website and are very proud of the result!! Details of the website:[…]


The best MTB tours in San Cristobal de las Casas deserve the best website!

During our MTB trip in november we have met a lot of extraordinary people. One of them is Mauricio Aguilar. Mauricio is the owner of a Tour company called Adventours in San Cristobal de las Casas and he organizes tours on mountainbike for everybody. He has routes for beginners and experts, youngsters and elderly, from cultural to adventures. He knows a lot about mountainbiking but not so much about internet. We decided to help him[…]


Workshop Business Modeling at Sustentables Innovation Center

It is 9.00am on a saturday, 26th of May 2012, an hour before our workshop business modeling is scheduled to start when the doorbell rings at Sustentables innovation center. Would that be our first participant arriving so early? Slightly nervous I walk through the garden to the door and open it to indeed welcome our first guest for today. More than an hour early! Who would have thought that would happen one day in Mexico 😉[…]

Extremes in entrepreneurship (part 2)

After our mind changing trip to Oaxaca we almost immediately started a completely different adventure: Creating a company in 72 hours on Startupbus On the day we returned to Mexico City, with our thoughts still in Oaxaca, we found out we were selected for StartupBus. WHOOOHOOOT, how cool is that??? From March 5th till March 14th we are travelling from Mexico City to the worlds leading technology conference SXSW in Austin, Texas while participating in one of the[…]