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We are going to make a documentary and it’s called: Behind The Horizon

Together with Diana and our recently born daughter we have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for almost five years and we are about to do something crazy: together with two young and aspiring filmmakers we are going to make a documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle, living and working independently and our goal to create new stories about work, time, money and stuff. The movie is called Behind The Horizon. We are shooting this[…]


We are having a lot of fun in Holland

We have been in Holland for almost two months now and we are having a great time! One of the great things of traveling is coming home (albeit only for a few months). All the stuff that is so typically Dutch and makes us feel right at home like the food, the weather and our dear friends and family are always a true gift after being away for a long time. But also new things[…]


We are offline 6 weeks for our maternity and paternity leave

We have the great opportunity to give form to the ideal way for us to receive a new life into this world. We decided to take a long maternity and paternity leave the entire month of November and probably a bit of December too. Our MacBooks are nicely wrapped in a ribbon and we go offline to be fully present for the birth of our baby (boy or girl) and completely focus on the first[…]



We are very thankful that around november 8th we are expecting a teeny tiny baby (with long legs probably;)) to join our adventure. Since we are living a nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle, we bought a new suitcase for him or her already, in order to fit all the new baby things we are going to need. We are travelling back to Cancun on August 31st to welcome this new life to the world on Mexican[…]


Living and working nomadic in Holland

For the first time since the start of our Digital Nomad journey in 2011 we are living completely nomadic in Holland as well. With the help of friends, family and strangers we have found several places to live for the coming months. We are flying back to Mexico in September and until then we will live in houses that people offered us for free, in exchange for some help or for a small contribution to[…]


Hoe word je digitale nomade? (Dutch)

Hoe kun je voor een onbepaalde tijd ‘betaald’ op reis? Door onderweg genoeg geld te verdienen om desnoods jarenlang te gaan. Dat is tegenwoordig simpeler dan ooit. Je zou bepaald de eerste niet zijn. In de afgelopen tien jaar is dankzij de enorme vooruitgang van communicatietechnologie een nieuwe categorie professionele globetrotters opgestaan: de digitale nomaden. In dit artikel vertellen wij, Diana en Steven Zwerink, hoe je zo’n vrije levensstijl voor jezelf kunt creëren. We richtten[…]


Everything we own (minimalism)

Yesterday we shot a picture of everything we own:) We were packing our bus in order to leave her in Mexico for a couple of months while we are in Holland and we realised: this is everything we possess. All our stuff. We love minimalism. We also realised that almost everything we own, we use on a daily basis. This is because we only keep things that add a lot of value to our lives.[…]


‘Keeping our engine rolling’ or ‘How do we pay for our digital nomad lifestyle?’

After more than three years living like digital nomads we thought it would be nice to share with you how we are actually ‘paying’ for this lifestyle. We write ‘paying’ because often there is no money involved in deals we make with our customers. We almost trade more than we invoice. Over the course of the last three years we have become skilled hustlers and we have traded our skills for almost anything. First we[…]


Living the digital nomad lifestyle: getting out of your comfort zone

Are you looking for a new lifestyle? Want to live like a digital nomad? Then this post is written for you! In our three years living like digital nomads we have learnt a lot about how to create a new lifestyle for yourself and we are eager to share this with aspiring digital nomads:) Living like a digital nomad sounds thrilling and most of the times this lifestyle really is. However, to experience the thrilling part,[…]


Quit your job, start your life (video)

Steven made a small video to inspire those looking for a different lifestyle to look further! The video is titled ‘Quit your job, start your life’. His goal is not to have everybody quit their jobs, just the persons who feel something is missing and are looking for a way to take control over their life (again). If you are such a person, know that you are not alone. If you have any questions or[…]