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We have been cruising through Mexico and Guatemala the last few weeks, two countries we know quite well but we had a lot of fun doing it with two VW busses and our cameras. Tomorrow we are finally ready to head into unexplored territory: El Salvador. We are now relaxing in a small hotel at the border between Guatemala and El Salvador en tomorrow morning we will cross into El Salvador. We are very curious[…]

Two months in Playa del Carmen: our top 6

We have been in Playa del Carmen for the last two months and we have really come to love this city. It is 100% Mexican but with a lot of foreign influences. If you ignore the fact that the cash machines sometimes spit dollars and look away from the Quinta avenida (5th avenue), you will find that it is has a lot to offer. From nice places to work to hidden places in the beach[…]

We are having a lot of fun in Holland

We have been in Holland for almost two months now and we are having a great time! One of the great things of traveling is coming home (albeit only for a few months). All the stuff that is so typically Dutch and makes us feel right at home like the food, the weather and our dear friends and family are always a true gift after being away for a long time. But also new things[…]


We have moved to Playa del Carmen about two weeks ago and we are having a great time. Our house and our neighbourhood are the perfect mix of Mexican Culture with a little luxury. We have everything we need in less than two blocks: supermarket, gym, laundry service, restaurants, etc.. Diana is doing great and our little baby nomad is growing accordingly:) We went to a beautiful pregnancy course hosted by our German midwife Aneke.[…]


Unfortunately the bus had to stay in San Cristobal due to mechanical issues and therefor Steven had to cancel the roadtrip, but he met some great people though:) This also means Steven is back with Diana and together we are now living in Playa del Carmen. Diana is now 35 weeks pregnant and she is doing great. In Mexico they call delivering a baby ‘dar la luz’ which roughly translates to ‘giving the baby his[…]


We are very thankful that around november 8th we are expecting a teeny tiny baby (with long legs probably;)) to join our adventure. Since we are living a nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle, we bought a new suitcase for him or her already, in order to fit all the new baby things we are going to need. We are travelling back to Cancun on August 31st to welcome this new life to the world on Mexican[…]

Three years living as digital nomads, ten lessons for life

Today we are celebrating three years of our digital nomads lifestyle. We left Holland on december sixth in 2011 not knowing what this life would bring us. Now, looking back already three years later, we have learned so much and so many things have happened that we could not have anticipated (see picture above with our hiking boots on like as if we were going to walk to Argentina).  We have written a post with a[…]

Spending our summer at home

After being on the road for over 2,5 years we felt it was time to spend the summer months at home with our friends and family in the Netherlands. And boy have we missed Holland! It felt so good to be back in the country where we grew up and see all those familiar faces again. We had a lot of great parties and reunions, organised some workshops and presentations and made some websites for[…]

Tips for female travelers in India, What to wear

What to wear in India for female travelers? If you are traveling to India soon and you wonder what to wear during your trip, this is the post for you. I have traveled in India for a period of two months between March and May 2014. Before going to India I conducted a bit of research on what was considered appropriate to wear. I had heard in the news of stories of foreign women getting[…]

We are going to Goa, India!!

Whoooohooo! We are going to India! After a little more than two years in Central America it is time for a change of scenery and a new adventure. Two weeks ago we have met an awesome couple called The Yoga People. How we know they are awesome? They have over 82.000 fans on their Facebook page and we already worked with them on Isla Holbox. They excel in teaching yoga to students who want to become[…]