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We are going to make a documentary and it’s called: Behind The Horizon

Together with Diana and our recently born daughter we have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for almost five years and we are about to do something crazy: together with two young and aspiring filmmakers we are going to make a documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle, living and working independently and our goal to create new stories about work, time, money and stuff. The movie is called Behind The Horizon. We are shooting this[…]

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Steven ran his (and the) first marathon on Isla Holbox!

Ever since Steven was six years old, he has been running. He was always the Forrest Gump of the family. One of his big dreams was to run a marathon one day. Because we have been travelling for the last two years, training for a marathon was difficult. Especially if you want to pick a marathon that is organised somewhere along our route. It is fairly easy to dismiss your dreams because you think you[…]


The best MTB tours in San Cristobal de las Casas deserve the best website!

During our MTB trip in november we have met a lot of extraordinary people. One of them is Mauricio Aguilar. Mauricio is the owner of a Tour company called Adventours in San Cristobal de las Casas and he organizes tours on mountainbike for everybody. He has routes for beginners and experts, youngsters and elderly, from cultural to adventures. He knows a lot about mountainbiking but not so much about internet. We decided to help him[…]


Photography: Padle Surfing on the Lagoon of Coyuca, Mexico

During our travels, Steven regularly performs photography jobs for local clients. In these series we offer you a glimpse into typical Central- and South American settings, like weddings, sport-events, ferias, portraits and street life. All Stevens pictures are licensed under creative commons, which means you can use them whenever you like, no fees, no hassle. Just enjoy great photography.  Hotel baXar in Pie de la Cuesta is located at a brillant spot. Right in between[…]

Revolution of work

(R)evolution of work (video)

For our good Dutch friend (and even better writer) Bas van de Haterd, we created a short animation video to support the launch of his well written new book ‘(R)evolution of Work’.  Since the topic lies very close to our way of working and Bas has always been a supporter of what we where doing this was just a perfect ‘job’ for us. Bas about the book: ‘In a world in which a 15-year old[…]


Adrenaline Junkies: Bike, hike and kayak 400km through the Mexican jungle during Salva Lacandona

Adrenaline Junkies: This part of our blog offers you our stories of adventure in Central and South America, whose countries are famous for outdoor sports and incredibly beautiful nature. A paradise for adrenaline junkies and people who enjoy the outdoors. We write about snowboarding down volcanoes, paragliding over mountain lakes, diving barrier reefs, alpine climbing, cloud forest hiking, birdwatching, white water rafting and crossing famous mountain ranges and remote jungle on a mountainbike. We aim to[…]


Mission Hogar Infantil: accomplished! (video)

Words cannot express how feel.. Therefor we made this video about the beautiful result of just one simple message on our blog. Mission Hogar Infantil: New laptops for those who shouldn’t be living without from Steven Zwerink on Vimeo.

Camping, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

New web page for camping in San Cristobal de las Casas

Being a Digital Nomad sometimes means that you have to hustle. In this case we made this (fully SEO optimised) website for free for this beautiful campsite in San Cristobal. In exchange we get to stay here as long as we want. Check the website here (you get Digital Nomadz points if you spot our bus;))


We need your help for Hogar Infantil (a Children’s place) in Ocozocoautla

[travellermap type=ROADMAP address=”,-99.19738&spn=0.014679,0.024741&ctz=360&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A” latlang=”” height= width= zoom=]Two weeks ago we stayed in quite a magical place: Hogar Infantil. It is an orphanage for around 80 mexican children who have lost their parents and family and now live in this special place. What makes it special is that you can camp here for free and even join the kids and staff for free meals while they are completely dependent on donations and volunteers. Six people work[…]


Workshop Business Modeling at Sustentables Innovation Center

It is 9.00am on a saturday, 26th of May 2012, an hour before our workshop business modeling is scheduled to start when the doorbell rings at Sustentables innovation center. Would that be our first participant arriving so early? Slightly nervous I walk through the garden to the door and open it to indeed welcome our first guest for today. More than an hour early! Who would have thought that would happen one day in Mexico 😉[…]