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Our first time teaching an English class at Hotel Baxar

The air is damp. It is a scorching hot and cloudy day at Hotel Baxar, Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico. Droplets of sweat start dripping off my nose, both from the heat and the nerves of teaching a first class to a group of Spanish native speakers. The class is about to start in a minute or three. I peek over at Steve who is smiling to everyone entering our little teaching circle of chairs[…]


Our first workshops at The Institute in Veracruz

The butterflies in our tummies tell us that something special is going to happen. Since November 2011 we have been preparing a series of workshops at The Institute, a language school in Veracruz, Mexico. And now we are slowly making our way through the beautiful Mexican landscape in a bus towards the biggest port of Mexico. We are going to help local entrepreneurs with two workshops: Improving your online strategy and Business Modeling in which[…]


Stevens personal learnings from Startupbus 2012

One learns a lot during a thrilling 72-hours bus ride with forty Mexican entrepreneurs to SXSW to present our newly founded companies. This post will be about the top ten things I have learned while riding the Startupbus 2012 for you to use and hopefully learn something as well.. Here they are in random order: 1. Deadlines work: to get the most out of yourself and your team you need to define deadlines We made[…]

Startupbus?? Startup Rollercoaster

I (steven) found a couple of minutes to let you guys know how we are doing. We are in the bus and are almost at the american boarder and he first 40 hours of Startupbus are behind us. In those 40 hours we slept about 3 hours. The rest we spent working, working and eating. This project shouldn’t be called Startupbus but Startuprollercoaster. We feel tired, hungry, thirsty, energized, satisfied, engaged and very much alive![…]