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Finding a VW mechanic in Yucatan

You probably have seen the picture on the homepage of us with our bus on the beach. This is probably the most expensive picture we took in years. Not because it was so hard to take but because we took the bus to this tropical island (Isla Holbox) in order to take it. The one thing we did not anticipate was that she had to stay on the island for almost a year because she got rained in. For months we saw the salt and humidity feasting on our precious paintwork, bumpers, eyes and tent and there was nothing we could do..  With some help of local mechanics on the island we got her to run and we finally got her of the island two months ago. With the help of a toe car we got her to Valladolid.

Fortunately we had found a very good mechanic specialised in volkswagens, Julio Poot. He fixed our engine, spray painted the bottom, changed our exhaust pipe and fixed many other small things. Two weeks ago we we finally able to take her ‘home’ and enjoy this unique feeling of freedom that one feels while driving in one of these buses. We are now getting her ready for the real road trip towards Panama and beyond starting in January.

Before we left Valladolid, we made short video to introduce  Julio and his workshop to fellow travelers who are looking for a VW mechanic in Yucatan. Check it out: