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This page is dedicated to all the cool fellow nomadic travellers we meet on the road. You will find a mix of people that are travelling by foot, by bike, with an RV or in a truck. They can be young and old, entrepreneurial or retired, alone or together. The one thing that they all have in common is the beautiful stories and unique lives they live. You can click on their pictures if they have a website. Please meet our Fellow Nomadz:

Henk and Marianne (NL) are traveling the world together for over 26 years!!

Biking from USA to Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

James and Margareth (USA) Biking from USA to Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) stopped by in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Erik and Marianne (DK) travelling in a beautiful Mercedes enjoying their retirement.

Uwe and Claudia (DE), enjoying their early in life found freedom while traveling the

Guille (ARG) and Mirjam (NL),  are full time travelling in a beautiful Combi, which they bought after meeting us;)

Peter, Sandra and their award winning bulldog (NL) Chica are travelling the Americas

Juan (ARG) and Stephanie (USA) are travelling in this beautiful T3 from San Fransisco to Tierra del Fuego

Dave and Bonnie (USA) are travelling with their VW T3 called ‘Dan the Van’ through Central

Chris and Hilary (CAN) were a breath of fresh air and inspiration! They travel in their Toyota with their dog Jax

Pol (ESP) and Julie (FRA) are exploring the world like it is their backyard. Crazy projects take them from Canada to Mexico to Thailand

Nick and Dariece (FRA) are a nomadic couple exploring the world fulltime. Crazy projects take them all over the world

Abel and Adrienne (NL) are two financial advisors who live a nomadic life on their sailing boat! They live in both Asia and Europe.

Jeroen and Malou (NED) have started their amazing journey around the globe in November 2014. The will be nomadz for the years to come!

Iris and Wolfram are a German couple who have sold everything back home and started traveling the world in their mobile home.

Marc and Carina are a true inspiration since they have travelled all over the world on two (or sometimes three) wheels.

Jacqui and Cameron (USA): Vanlife, traveling in a beautiful Westfalia, kiteboarding and driving from California to Chile.