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Photography: Padle Surfing on the Lagoon of Coyuca, Mexico

During our travels, Steven regularly performs photography jobs for local clients. In these series we offer you a glimpse into typical Central- and South American settings, like weddings, sport-events, ferias, portraits and street life. All Stevens pictures are licensed under creative commons, which means you can use them whenever you like, no fees, no hassle. Just enjoy great photography. 

Hotel baXar in Pie de la Cuesta is located at a brillant spot. Right in between the ocean and a fresh water lagoon. Both are suitable for great activities like boogie boarding in the ocean (for experts) and a range of other activities on the lake. It is perfect for swimming. Read more about that in our series Triathlon Training Locations. You can explore the mangroves in a kayak, you can go out on the lagoon birdwatching in a kayak or the latest cool thing to do here: padle surf. As of 2013 Hotel baXar will offer his guests the option to rent a padle surf board and go out on the lagoon to explore. Included will be a short instruction how to use the board.

To portray this new activity we went out on the lagoon of Coyuca to take beautiful pictures of padle surfing. Diana was managing the kayak, Steven the camera. Soon you will see the new offering of eco-activities on the website of hotel baXar including these pictures. These are the results of perfect teamwork:

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