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Revolution of work

(R)evolution of work (video)

For our good Dutch friend (and even better writer) Bas van de Haterd, we created a short animation video to support the launch of his well written new book ‘(R)evolution of Work’.  Since the topic lies very close to our way of working and Bas has always been a supporter of what we where doing this was just a perfect ‘job’ for us.

Bas about the book: ‘In a world in which a 15-year old boy can produce an app that almost brings down a company, old organizational models no longer apply. Flexible working is not a solution but can be considered as the last spasm of organizations doomed to be ruined by the knowledge revolution. This leads to many questions. How will social trends, like the search for mindfulness, sustainability and the rise of the prosumer influence the way we work and how we organise our work? Which influence will digitalisation and globalisation have on our work? What kind of organisations will arise? How will we motivate and reward people for their workperformance? In this book, I will provide some answers to these questions. In order to do so I consider developments that connect to social trends. These may become mainstream. The future of work is already here, although not yet widespread.’

About the video: our assignment was to create a video of 2 minutes to capture and trigger the viewer about this subject. We used a mixture of Keynote, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects to create it.  The music is chosen to energize the viewer and support the animations. It took us about two weeks to make this movie working from beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas, how is that for the Revolution of Work? If you are interested in such a movie for your idea or your company, just send us your idea here and you’ll here from us within a day!

You can find more about Bas and his book here: