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Since we started traveling full-time while working remotely, many people have asked us how we managed to turn our lives around to accommodate for this lifestyle. We run a coaching program that helps people design a different life around talents and passion and make the first steps to actually DO it. 

Lifestyle Design Program: Working Wonderfully

We have started a website called Wonderlijk Werken in 2012 to start blogging about our own process of change. More and more questions of people who also wanted to make those steps poured in. We talked for hours with new people over Skype to answer questions and to inspire people to make little steps toward the change they envisioned in their own lives. In August of 2013 we organized our first lifestyle design coaching program in Mexico called ‘chase your dreams’.

We will address the following questions in a creative program packed with inspiration:
- discovering and saying out loud your biggest wishes and wildest dreams;
- find how you can give to others which is worth remembering you by when you’re no longer here;
- explore your ‘niche’ and finally find whatever it is that you are here to do;
- help to find your own strong energy and take charge of it;
- help to make choices (the hardest part of the process);
- explore your true talents;
- start a project or company that is your playground;

During the program you will explore all these questions and by doing so, you’ll design a lifestyle that carries your values in it, the things you love to do most when money were no object. We’ll help you make the first steps toward your new life, help you build the confidence you need to propel you forward. We’ll have very practical sessions on creating a small business from your idea or passion. That business is not about money, but gives you the opportunity to live life on your own terms.

Would you like to learn more about Wonderlijk Werken, check out our website. We also organize coaching weekends and short programs in The Netherlands, about once a year.