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videography steven zwerink

Storytelling is such a great tool to make that first step to launch a new product, a new idea, a new company or just tell the viewers the story of your travels. We regularly produce videos, write scripts, edit material, subtitle videos and look for the best music to accompany the video. We love that work!

Why video is such a powerful tool

Being away from home, family and friends, there is nothing better that showing what you are doing on video. Instantly the experience comes alive and it enables people to imagine what you are experiencing. Seeing someone on camera talking about their dreams and passions is a very inspirational things. We always encourage the people we meet as well as ourselves to take that step, put yourself in front of a camera and produce a little video of your idea. During our coaching sessions in our lifestyle design program Wonderlijk Werken, we also use video to tell the story of the participants. It is a great way to grow and to make progress in changing little things in your life.

Videos for exchange

During our travels we often meet entrepreneurs who love to have a promotion video for their idea, app, or business. It makes our travels so much more worthwhile to be able to help others tell their story, that we always accept the challenge. We have exchanged our video production skills for accommodation, food or participation in a sports event multiple times. Amongst many things, we produced a promotional video for Hotel baXar, a snorkel with whale sharks video for Hostel Ida y Vuelta, a promotional video for a Dutch management book, a donation video for an orphanage in Ocozocuautla, Mexico and of course we document our own travels.We use the Canon 5d Mark II with a 50mm f/1.4 filmmaking lens on a tripod. The software program Final Cut Pro is our software of choice to edit film.

Would you like to make an exchange for a video production? Send us a message!