Digital Nomadz

Workshop Facilitation


We believe that sharing knowledge, inspiring others and creating together is essential to creating a better world for everybody. We love to help in this process by creating and facilitating creative workshops that help individuals, business owners, startups and many others to get creative, learn new things, solve real problems and realize their dreams. 

Creative and inspiring sessions

Over the course of our business lives, working for multinationals, smaller consultants, startups and as independent one man / woman companies we have gathered a lot of insights in the field of knowledge transfer, how to get creative, where to find solutions to a problem, how to create unique business models or develop your own business website. Often these insights result in the creation of a tailor made workshop or presentation for customers or audiences all over the world. We have a lot of experience with the following subjects:

- Business Model Generation (Steven worked with Alex Osterwalder personally)
- Creating the perfect pitch (how to share your idea)
- Create you own WordPress website
- Create a new lifestyle
- Finding a brand name for a product / service
- Digital Storytelling
- Random creative brainstorming sessions on topics like Money, the Economy, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship etc

As you can see the list is quite diverse and extensive. We love to get creative for and with people. Do you have a challenge within your company that needs to be solved? A certain topic you want to explore deeper? A new lifestyle you wish to create for yourself? Contact us here and hire us as workshop facilitators to help you solve this!