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Big reunion

Spending our summer at home

After being on the road for over 2,5 years we felt it was time to spend the summer months at home with our friends and family in the Netherlands. And boy have we missed Holland! It felt so good to be back in the country where we grew up and see all those familiar faces again. We had a lot of great parties and reunions, organised some workshops and presentations and made some websites for several customers from Costa Rica to Holland. Before we knew it, it felt like we had never left. A strange feeling but also comforting in the sense that if we ever might get tired of traveling, we always have a solid homebase to rely on.

We are now getting ready to head back to our beloved Mexico for the next steps in our adventure. We are flying back on august 6th and we’ll go straight to Isla Holbox. We are organising a ten-day program where we will help the participants with one of the things we love to do: the discovery and realisation of their dreams. After that we will slowly make our way down to Tulum where we will help one of our good Mexican friends starting a new hotel. With our future dream of owning a bed & breakfast somewhere we will learn a lot and at the same time help our friend realise his dream, a great combination!

We had an awesome time in Holland but we are ready continue our journey into the unknown!

Below some pictures for an impression of our time back home:)


  1. Thamara Zijlstra - juli 29, 2014 7:35 pm

    Ik ben echt fan van jullie :-)

    • Steven - juli 31, 2014 12:27 pm

      Haha leuk om te horen!!