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Steven ran his (and the) first marathon on Isla Holbox!

Ever since Steven was six years old, he has been running. He was always the Forrest Gump of the family. One of his big dreams was to run a marathon one day. Because we have been travelling for the last two years, training for a marathon was difficult. Especially if you want to pick a marathon that is organised somewhere along our route. It is fairly easy to dismiss your dreams because you think you need somebody else’s help to make your dreams come. Over the course of the last two years we have learned that if you really want something, you have to make it happen for yourself.

So Steven decided to organise a marathon by himself on the tropical island where we have been staying for the last three months. He started training two months ago and although running in tropical conditions is quite hard because of the temperature, the humidity and the fact that there are no paved roads his progress was good. Last week he fulfilled his long awaited dream and ran his first marathon on Isla Holbox. He finished under pretty heavy circumstances (hard rain, wet sand and tree roots and holes everywhere) in a very respectable time of 4 hours and 15 minutes. Since this was the first (and probably) last marathon ever ran on Isla Holbox he scored some extra points;)

The video below this message gives a good image of his marathon and the circumstances he had to endure. Enjoy and remember: