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We have been writing and blogging online about our own transition into a new lifestyle but also about the things we encountered during our trip through Mexico. We love to write! We both write and blog almost daily about lifestyle design in Dutch on the website Wonderlijk Werken and in English on Working Wonderfully. On these pages we write short blogs and longer essays but also conduct interviews with students from our Lifestyle Design programs. This last website,[…]

Lifestyle design coaching

Since we started traveling full-time while working remotely, many people have asked us how we managed to turn our lives around to accommodate for this lifestyle. We run a coaching program that helps people design a different life around talents and passion and make the first steps to actually DO it.  Lifestyle Design Program: Working Wonderfully We have started a website called Wonderlijk Werken in 2012 to start blogging about our own process of change.[…]


We simply LOVE photography. While preparing to leave The Netherlands in 2011, Steven said: “If I am going to make the trip of a lifetime, I want to make photos of a lifetime.” What Steven loves to photograph most? People. Ask him about wedding photography, event and business photography. And so we spend a big part of our preparation budget to buy the best camera we could find. Steven chose a Canon 5D Mark II, with the full frame[…]


Being able to help fellow entrepreneurs is what makes this trip worthwhile. With our skill to build websites that work and converser page visitors into customers we have helped over twenty different companies while travelling the world. Each of these projects has one common we have got to believe in what they are doing and we have got to be able to add value. If these two points are met, we build beautiful websites that give[…]


Storytelling is such a great tool to make that first step to launch a new product, a new idea, a new company or just tell the viewers the story of your travels. We regularly produce videos, write scripts, edit material, subtitle videos and look for the best music to accompany the video. We love that work! Why video is such a powerful tool Being away from home, family and friends, there is nothing better that[…]

Teaching English

It feels amazing to discover a skill you din’t realise you had. this happened to us when Chris, a Mexican hotel owner, asked us in 2012 if we could not only build his new website but also teach english to his hotel staff. We had never taught English before and our level of spanish was still not very high but way not give it a try?! More rewarding then anything For three months we gathered[…]

Workshop Facilitation

We believe that sharing knowledge, inspiring others and creating together is essential to creating a better world for everybody. We love to help in this process by creating and facilitating creative workshops that help individuals, business owners, startups and many others to get creative, learn new things, solve real problems and realize their dreams.  Creative and inspiring sessions Over the course of our business lives, working for multinationals, smaller consultants, startups and as independent one[…]