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The best MTB tours in San Cristobal de las Casas deserve the best website!

During our MTB trip in november we have met a lot of extraordinary people. One of them is Mauricio Aguilar. Mauricio is the owner of a Tour company called Adventours in San Cristobal de las Casas and he organizes tours on mountainbike for everybody. He has routes for beginners and experts, youngsters and elderly, from cultural to adventures. He knows a lot about mountainbiking but not so much about internet. We decided to help him with a new webpage, his online marketing strategy and his pictures. Why? Because we love mountainbiking and is cool to help the people close to you. The pictures you find in the header are from the tour we made to El Chiflon, a beautiful waterfall and thank you gift by Mauricio.

Details of the website:

- Visual Website, aimed for conversion of visitors to customers
- Backend: WordPress
- Fully SEO Optimized
- TripAdvisor included
- Written in Spanish
- Instant reservation form included

Check out his new website here: