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Our 1972 VW Kombi Westfalia


A journey into the unknown in a 42-year old VW Kombi Westfalia (t2). It is a she and her name is Nina. We are making our way through Central to the most southern point in South America and are currently in Mexico. 

She is not only a car. She is our house, our bed room, our office, our tv room, our kitchen, our diner table and much more.. The VW people have stuffed Nina with so many ingenious details that she serves all these purposes. Since the speedometer is not working consistently, we have no idea how many kilometers of road she has seen throughout her life, but we do know that she has been waiting for us in Mexico since 1999. We found her in May 2012 and she is in perfect condition. With the proper attention, care and oil she will hopefully accompany us all the way to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina (another 10,000 km south from Mexico).

To be able to live in this bus full-time, we own very little. We have just a little pile of clothes, two pairs of shoes each and a minimum of other stuff besides kitchen and cooking utensils, chairs and an outside stove and table. We just don’t have any space to store stuff 😉 We travel with two mountainbikes on the back of the bus because we practice triathlon while we travel. In every city we find pools to train or we swim in the ocean. We bike the greatest singletrails in the middle of nowhere and go for a run in the evening after a couple of hours driving. If we can, we compete in local (triathlon) events. Just recently two yoga mats were added to the small collection of stuff we carry.

We just got started to equip Nina with a 80W portable solar panel and use a transformer to charge our batteries and run lights and the future refrigerator on solar power. We are looking for ways to comfortably live in a bus that was built in 1972 with relatively little space and in such a way that we are depending as little as possible on the grid. To find inspiration on that journey, we have created a Pinterest board about our 1972 VW Kombi Westfalia Interior Design ideas. Check it out if you like.

These are pictures of our lives together:


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