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Over the last six months, Steven has been training very hard for his first serious triathlon, a 70.3 Ironman in Aix en Provence, France. Two weeks ago his moment had finally arrived. All the training, the preparation, the planning, the traveling and the dreaming it would finally become a reality. At 4.45 AM he opened his door to get in the car to drive to the start. But the wind was so strong it almost blew him back in the house. The temperature had dropped during the night and a serious storm had developed. Nonetheless, Steven and his buddy Marc got in the car to do the triathlon. The temperature was only six degrees but who cares: an ironman is for those who love tough challenges. When the arrived at the starting location they found out pretty quickly that the swim had been cancelled because of the weather condition and the temperature of the water. This meant no Ironman for Steven!!! six months of preparation, for nothing… It took him a day or two to fully absorb what hat just happened before straightening his back again and looking forward to the future. Steven now enrolled in a triathlon in Mexico on October 2nd and will keep training (he loves training anyway;)). So stay with us for the upcoming months and see how this triathlon adventure develops. Fortunately, Steven and Marc were able to cycle up and down the famous Mont Ventoux a couple of times to get rid of their saved up energy and adrenaline:)