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Steven won his first (small) Aquathlon

Triathlon: Important part of our digital nomad lifestyle is to be fit, both mentally and physically. Training and participating in triathlon events during our travels is something we both love to do. Steven coming from an athletics background (400m) and Diana from mountain biking. Central America is a paradise for those who like to run trail or on the road, swim in open water and bike incredible climbs no one ever saw before. We write about our training, training locations and the road to triathlon events we participate in during our travels. Training and traveling is easier than you think! Enjoy the read!

While were running on the local track, preparing for our triathlon we met Cesar, an awesome triathlon coach from San Cristobal de las Casas. He liked our mission and invited us to our first Mexican Aquathlon (1000m run, 750m swim, 1000 run) in Tuxtla Gutierrez. Unfortunately Diana was feeling sick and could not participate. Steven made up for this by WINNING this event (and beating Cesar as well;)).

One of the important things Steven learned was also to change his shoe laces and use elastic ones in the future. He came out of the pool in first position almoast an entire lane ahead. But because his shoe laces we tight he couldn’t get his shoes on in time and the guy who was in second place passed him. Fortunately Steven knows running like he knows his last name and was able to beat this guy in the last 200 meters. although this was a small competition, winning was a great feeling and reason to continue training like we do! Our first triathlon will be somewhere in May in Holland.

Stay tuned!