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Two months in Playa del Carmen: our top 6

We have been in Playa del Carmen for the last two months and we have really come to love this city. It is 100% Mexican but with a lot of foreign influences. If you ignore the fact that the cash machines sometimes spit dollars and look away from the Quinta avenida (5th avenue), you will find that it is has a lot to offer. From nice places to work to hidden places in the beach and good baguettes to delicious ceviche. We have made a top five of our favorite places but in random order:

Chez Celine
If you like bread as much as we do, this is the place. Croissants, baguettes, chocolatina and a lot more varieties can be found here. We love the ‘sandwich de pavo’ or the ‘jamon serrano’. Make sure to also try the coffee or the mighty leaf tea. The wifi is free and fast enough to get your main work done. Location: Avenida 5 with Calle 34

We highly recommend taking a turn when walking on 5th avenue and head into Calle 4. After two blocks you will find Romeo’s and you will want to come back the next day. The food is delicious! We have tried the lasagna, pizza, various appetizers and deserts and enjoyed them all. Service is very fast and friendly even on those crowded weekend nights. Bringing our baby was no problem and the good news is: they also deliver:) 

Ah Cacao
If you have seen some of our work updates recently, they were all fueled by the strong and sweet Espresso Frappe, created in the co working upstairs, and launched using the fast wifi that Ah Cacao has to offer. A very friendly staff attend to your needs and if you are a regular like we were, you will soon make good friends and learn interesting things from them. Go here for the coffee and the chocolate, not the food. Location: Avenida 5 between Calle 38th and 40th

Lilas Del Mar
These last months we stayed in the apartments of Lilas Del Mar: a small but spacious building on the crossing of avenida 10 with Calle 44. The owners Omar and Mirta are originally from argentine but have lived the majority of their lives in the US. They are 68 and 71 but consider themselves to young and energetic to retire. If you want to have a good time in Playa and stay away from all the standard hotel and bnbs, go here. They are friendly and experienced travelers who will try to do litterally almost anything to make your stay worthwhile.

500 gramos
If you like steak this where you go. I actually got mad at the waiter. The first time we had ordered hamburgers which were fine but the second time we had a great finger-licking rib eye and I felt bad because had not pointed out that this was their real specialty. The chef is Italian and she is the living example of hospitality. Almost every customer receives a warm welcome and we have never seen so manny people wanting to take a picture with the chef. 

Las Hijas de la Tostada
At Las Hijas de la Tostada (Children of the Tostada) you will be treated to a taste sensation. A tostada is a fried tortilla that is very common in Mexico and normally you top it with chicken or guacamole. At Las Hijas they serve the tostadas like small works of art appealing to both the eye and the mouth. We especially love the salmon tostada. This hipster place can be found on 5th avenue with calle 38 and always has a table free within ten minutes.

In the meantime we have moved to our favourite island called Isla Holbox. The coming two weeks we will giving workshops to three lucky Dutch clients who have come over to start with a blank sheet and create their lives anew. For more information about this, visit our Dutch page And please let us know what your favourite place is in Playa del Carmen in the comments!