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We are going to make a documentary and it’s called: Behind The Horizon

Together with Diana and our recently born daughter we have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for almost five years and we are about to do something crazy: together with two young and aspiring filmmakers we are going to make a documentary about the digital nomad lifestyle, living and working independently and our goal to create new stories about work, time, money and stuff. The movie is called Behind The Horizon.

We are shooting this documentary for the ever growing group of people that are becoming conscious of the fact that life can be a lot more sustainable, independent and filled with freedom and adventure: the digital nomad community. A life where work no longer plays the central role it does now and an impulsive, adventurous lifestyle is becoming the new normal. People who, just like us, envision a better world. With our search through central america and within ourselves we hope to inspire many others and to stimulate them to consciously and confidently choose for themselves and the life they want to live.

We are crowdfunding the funds we need to make this dream come true and we are hoping that the digital nomad community could help us share, like and donate:):) Check out the trailer (it has subs) and our offers on this page

Thank you so much and we sincerely hope you can see the value in this message because we hate spam or hard selling just as much as you do:)

Steven and Diana