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We need your help for Hogar Infantil (a Children’s place) in Ocozocoautla

[travellermap type=ROADMAP address=”,-99.19738&spn=0.014679,0.024741&ctz=360&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A” latlang=”” height= width= zoom=]Two weeks ago we stayed in quite a magical place: Hogar Infantil. It is an orphanage for around 80 mexican children who have lost their parents and family and now live in this special place. What makes it special is that you can camp here for free and even join the kids and staff for free meals while they are completely dependent on donations and volunteers. Six people work here fulltime (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to take care of these kids aged from five to nineteen. They provide food, education and shelter and try to improve the lives of these unfortunate youngsters.

You can camp for free at Hogar Infantil and donate or contribute in anyway you want. Since we stayed here for four days we also tried to contribute to this special place. On our first day one one kid came to us asking to borrow our computer to check his Facebook and do his homework assignment. Two hours later we were surrounded by young kids all wanting to use our computers to surf the web (see picture). This was when we learned that they have wireless internet available but no computers (except the one the director needs) to go online. So with our Digital Nomadz hearts and love for the internet, we let the children use our iPad to do their homework, check their Facebook and just have fun online, as the internet is intended. To share some of our knowledge on working faster and more secure with Google, Facebook and YouTube Diana gave a small workshop to the coaches so they can teach the children (you can check the presentation here).

Now, why do we need you?? We felt we wanted to do more for these children and talked to the director and one of the head coaches. It turns out that buying new computers is an investment they cannot do. But three mini laptops would be a fantastic start to improve their current library and offer these childen the possibilty to learn and use the power of the internet to connect to friends, other familiy and improve their chances of a better future. To do this we need 1000 euros. We will put in the first 100 euros and are hoping that you can help us put in the rest!! We will go back to Hogar Infantil to install the laptops and even paint the library in which we will use this. If you feel you want to participate, please send us an email here with your donation and we will take care of the rest! Also make sure to share this message with your friends and family!

No internet at Hogar Infantil
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