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Communicate baXars’ ambiance. Enable visitors to book a room or promotion package online.
Hotel baXar Mexico.
 This small design hotel in Pie de la Cuesta Mexico found itself with lots of likes and fans on its facebook page, but just no bookings coming out of that. Their previous website did not have the option to book a room online and an easy to understand navigation structure was missing. Diana developed an integrated strategy  that aligned all the online channels that baXar was using. Diana developed a new website (in Spanish) focussed on converting a visitor to a booker and integrated a reservation engine (Hotelogix) including an online payment terminal (PayPal). Diana build a facebook promotion tab (in English) and designed and developed three promotion packages that were bookable online through the website. Steven is responsible for all photo and video content on the website. As a result, the occupancy of the hotel rose significantly, especially in the low-season months. WordPress theme: Guesthouse 2.0.
Inspire international students to study abroad in Mexico City. Enable to reserve a room online.
Long-term stay Vecindad Mexico.Vecindad is a 21-room living community for students and post-graduates located in the southern part of Mexico City. Most of its visitors find out about its existence through a university foreign exchange bureau. To be less dependent on their services, we developed an online strategy and new website for Vecindad. The previous website of Vecindad did not offer the opportunity to make a reservation for a room online. Some inquiries were done through their Facebook page. Diana and Steven developed and executed a strategy that aligned all the online channels of Vecindad and created a new website in two languages (English/ Spanish) that included clear navigation, visuals and texts, relevant information on the rooms and an online reservation form. As a result, the number of reservations through the website increased and the opening of a second Vecindad facility became possible. WordPress theme: RT Theme 11.  
A showcase for the best sports physician in The Netherlands. Enable patients to reserve a consult online.
Groenenboom Sports Medicine.Groenenboom Sports Medicine is the practice of a well-known Dutch sports physician Petra Groenenboom, who provides medical guidance and treatment to many Dutch athletes competing nationally and internationally. Additionally, Petra is a team-physician at Football Club Ajax Amsterdam. Diana developed a website to launch the new company Groenenboom Sports Medicine. The company did not have any online presence yet and expressed the wish to be found online for its expertise and facilitate potential clients with an easy way to make an appointment. The website has an easy to understand navigation, several strong visuals, the three areas of expertise, tariffs and fees, an how to get there map and a contact form to make an appointment online. Diana also optimized for SEO using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. WordPress theme: Striking.

Explain in a simple visual manner the activities of an engineering agency. Let it be a tool for conversations with (new) customers. 
HaDeGo Engineering B.V. We built a new interactive website for Dutch engineering agency HaDeGo B.V. Access expertise on expanding production capacity, improving the efficiency of production processes as well as starting the operations of new technical installations right from the page! HaDeGo Engineering provides expertise to Dutch companies active in oil- and gas, energie production, chemicals- and pharmaceuticals production, mineral oil production and transshipment companies. The goal of the website is to inform potential clients and follows an interactive format. You can watch short videos of technical simulations, browse presentations via Slideshare and follow the latest news on HaDeGo. In addition to that, you can contact HaDeGo via the website on a variety of topics. The theme we used: Bretheon for WordPress.

The best bike tour operator needs a new way to find customers. Show bike tour reviews, optimize Google search results and inspire with tour videos. 
Jaguar Adventours. We met the owner of Jaguar Adventours during our SalvaLacandona Mountainbike adventure and we learned all about his famous bike tours around San Cristobal de las Casas. He has a small office close to the main street of San Cristobal, but could use a bit of online help in attracting visitors to the store and the tours. We developed for him a new website that showed all the tours and their video/photo content on one page. A smart contact form allows the visitor to book any tour promoted on the website. Diana optimized the SEO for better discoverability of the website. WordPress theme used: RT Theme 11.
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