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Webdevelopment by Digital Nomadz

Digital Nomadz is a webdevelopment, photography and videography company that was founded in 2009. We believe a coherent presence on the web is crucial to running a modern day business. We help business owners develop an online web presence that reflects the passion and drive of the person who runs the business. Too often we experience that an online web presence does not appeal, does not talk to our hearts, does not make us click or work with that person. We make sure that any online web presence we build, is just that: a true and inspiring interaction with your followers. The web presence we provide includes web, photography, videography and interaction on social channels.

Since 2009 we have build over 80 websites, provided photography services and produced inspiring short videos for the web. We work mainly with Dutch and Mexican clients while being fully remote, which means we do not have a fixed office location where clients can visit us. We work via Skype and email.

If you are interested, please view a bit of our portfolio:

Prices for clients based in EU:
Website: between 750-3000 EUR (depending on functionality, language versions, shop/online payment implementation)
Video: 500 EUR per 60 seconds of video (based on existing, creative commons video and audio material)
Photography: 450 EUR for 50 high resolution photos suitable for the web
Complete online web presence program: as of 3000 EUR (website, photography, text for the web, promo video, social strategy)

Prices for clients based in Central/Latin America:
Website: as of $10.000 MXN or in exchange
Video: as of $5.000 MXN per 60 seconds of video or in exchange
Photography: as of $5.000 MXN for 50 high resolution photos suitable for the web or in exchange.

Are you interested to work with us? That’s great! Drop us a line to meet and talk about your project.