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learn permaculture

Perma what? Permaculture. A fascinating way to live that has grasped our attention! We would lóve to live as close to nature as possible in balance with the eco-systems around us. Live in a fully self-sustaining house build from natural materials with as little dependence as possible from existing systems. Create a closed system of water usage by harvesting rainwater, filtering grey water in various stages of biological filtering. Create an independent power system by harvesting our own through the sun or wind. Grow our own food. Select seeds. And so on...

Learn how to build our own earthship, grow our own food and harvest our own water

There are so many things to learn about this. Building earthships, growing food, harvesting water. We are seeking knowledge that somehow got lost (to us) over the generations. I remember walking around and helping out as a little girl in the municipal garden of my grandfather who was growing a variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers. I remember just details of that. “Pick strawberries only if they are red.” I would love to remember more, but I don’t. That’s why we have started this experiment and you will be able to follow our journey on our blog with the category ‘permaculture‘.

Permaculture projects around the world

To our surprise there are many projects around the world that are actively sharing knowledge about permaculture. We have visited the fascinating ‘Tierra del Sol‘ (land of the sun) project in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The picture above this page was taken at the fish pond, the last stage of biological water filtering. The first time we became aware of the term permaculture, was during the tour at Tierra del Sol in 2012. Since, we have come to understand better and better how important it is to develop different systems to live on Earth. The term ‘balance‘ is crucial. We have visited sites in The Netherlands, like Aardehuis, a part of a regular village build completely with mud-filled tires and straw.

Looking for places to volunteer and skill.

We are actively looking for places in Europe and Central America where we are welcome to volunteer in exchange for accommodation and food. Areas that have our interest are: everything about earthships, building with adobe, straw or other natural materials, water management and biogas, solar power, small scale wind power, growing crops, selecting seeds, having animal stock like goats, chicken, geese. We are very interested to learn about alternative ways to organize living communities, where people live independently but together in groups, run a model of consensus decision-making, share skills and knowledge on a voluntary basis, and have implemented new ways to educate based on experience and play.

Do you know a place like this? Please let us know!! Or follow our permaculture journey on our blog with the category ‘permaculture‘.